Wednesday, July 4, 2012


You are probably wondering why a writing blog is titled "The Pink Cave".  Like my other blog, the name comes from my mom.

Occasionally (okay, a lot of the time) I will sneak off to my room to write when I should be doing other things.  My room is painted bright pink and has a lot of purple and turquoise polka dots.  I usually forget to open my blinds which gives my room a secluded feel.  Absolutely perfect for writing.  

But when mom calls me downstairs she always says something along the lines of "How about you come out of your pink cave and help us?"  (For some reason, I always find myself in the "pink cave" when my family starts doing chores.  I'm not sure how that happens.  Honest.)

Anyway, what better title for a writing blog?  Next time mom says "Stop writing in the pink cave and do your chores,"  I'll be able to say, "I wasn't writing in the pink cave, I was writing on the pink cave!"  Sure, that might not help lessen my chores, and sure, it will only work once, but hey, it'll be funny.  

Of course, mom reads this blog so I probably just blew it.  Oh well, it was fun to write!

Speaking of writing, that is what this blog is about!  I love to write.  Always have, but I get the feeling that I will never know everything about writing.  Writing is cool like that.  You will constantly be learning how to do it.  

The only thing better, and more complex, than writing is Story.  Story is a different art altogether, and it has more to learn than even writing does.

I am learning more about writing and Story every day.  I wanted to make a place where I could write down the things I have learned to help me remember.  You might find it interesting, you might not.  That's okay.  The point of this blog is to help me remember the things I learn.  Some of my posts might be quick; "I really liked how so-and-so did this-or-that in their book!"  But more often than not, the posts will probably be long and rambly like this one.  If you find them interesting, or even (gasp) helpful, fantastic!  If you have any tips you want to share with me, double fantastic!  

In summary, I love to write, I love story, I hope you do too, and I should probably go help mom with dinner.  



  1. least you have a book to show for your seemingly constant disappearances when chores are to be done. Ask your mom, "Where's your book to show for all the times you skipped out on doing the dishes on Sunday?" Seeings how she has to approve the comments, I doubt I'll make it.....just thought I'd throw one in you corner for you. Just finished the book...AWESOME...EPIC...AMAZING!!! I'm so glad you retained everything I taught you...hahahahaha - I can't stop laughing!!!hahahahahaha!!!

  2. hehe...actually, I approve the comments on this one, so you made it through! XD

    I am SO glad you liked my book. Your sweet comments have totally made my week! ^_^ Who was your favorite character?

    1. Well, of course I like Ember, but she's the star of the show, so if I didn't like her, I doubt I'd like the book. But, to say who my favorite character is; I would say Hail. Cole, of course, a great character, but there's no chink in his armor. Hail is real, he is an attainable hero, someone that has made mistakes (big ones!) and through those mistakes has realized the correct path and chose it. He still doesn't get everything right, but his heart is right and he continues to learn and grow through those mistakes and I like that.

    2. I'm glad you like Ember and Hail. Hail was my personal favorite...probably because Ember was a little annoying at times. When I wrote Hail, I did not realize he had made all those crazy mistakes. In the next book, which will probably focus more on him, I'll delve into his back story more. :)

  3. My dear baby sister,

    I was too busy taking care of everyone's clothes to work in the know..the clean, folded (ahem) clothes you threw back into the laundry because you didn't feel like putting them away.


    And...I was talking on the phone to my peeps.

    And...busy being lazy.

    -your beloved older sister.

    1. I'll go with that....honestly is good...honesty is cleansing....hahahaha!! (You know it's easy for me to make these comments way down here in Florida, don't you?)