Monday, July 23, 2012

Midnight Warrior

Hello everyone!

Before I continue on with my series on the four defining scenes, I wanted to introduce you to my new book that I am now working on.  It is the first in a series that will (hopefully) have seven books.  The series is called "Across the Golden Sea" and the book I am working on is called "Midnight Warrior"

The story follows three characters.

Josten, the second son of a famous general.
Aralyn, the dreaded Midnight Warrior.
Caid, the youth who knows the secrets of both good and evil.

The book is being written in alternating first person point of view.  It took me awhile to choose what POV to write it in.  I LOVE writing and reading first person, but I needed the freedom of third person.  Soo...alternating first person!  Its a lot of fun so far, and I am starting to realize that "Midnight Warrior" is like two novels in one.  The first is an adventure novel following Josten, and the second seems to be a "Man Who Learned Better"  novel following Aralyn.  Oh yeah, and I thought I would do something fun and random to introduce y'all to the three main characters.  Sorry, I would love to bring the villain in, but he's a surprise.  >:)

How did you come to be in the story world?

Josten- Uhh...I was born.
Aralyn (shrugs)
Caid- Sorry, can't tell.  I'll get killed.

Umm...okay, what is your situation at the beginning of the story?

Josten- My life totally rocks, you really went all out for me Kaycee.  I'm hated by everyone who comes in contact with me because I was born two minutes after my illustrious brother.  I'm treated as a slave and live a this academy where people can come and "rent" me if they want.  My father loathes me and tried to kill me as a baby.  I'm almost seventeen which means I need to pick my job that I will be stuck with for the rest of my life.  My choices?  House slave, Sile miner, front line slave soldier, priest slave, or farm slave.  Yeah, my life rocks.  (glares at me)

Aralyn- I'm feared everywhere in the Triune sea as the Midnight Warrior.  I attack everyone in my path and I never lose.

Josten- (snickers)

Caid- I live with my...father.  I help Aralyn in any way I can.  That is all.

Josten- Yep, Aralyn's little whipping boy.

Caid- (laughs)  I guess so.

What happens that changed your world?

Josten- I broke into the castle and set Aralyn, who apparently never makes mistakes, free from the dungeons.

Aralyn- (indignant)  I was betrayed.  I did not make a mistake, the imbecile who betrayed me did.  And believe me he or she will know it before I am done.  (smiles grimly)

Caid- I met this crazy guy who claims to speak to ghosts named Josten.

Josten- Not ghosts.  Ghost.  Get it right.

Who is your favorite character in the story?

Josten- Me, duh.

(sigh) other than yourself.

Josten- That's tricky...
Aralyn- My father.
Caid- (flushes)...well...
Josten- He's got a major crush on Gelane.
Caid- (face turns red)

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Josten- Huh?  What free time?  Maybe I'd be able to find out if you, yes you Kaycee, weren't always sending me off on these crazy adventures.
Aralyn- I like singing.
Caid- I enjoy inventing things.

Final question, if you had the choice between eating crushed beetle or fried worm what would you choose?

Josten- Do you honestly sit around all day and think this junk up?  Really?  You have nothing else to do with your life?
Caid- Will this scenario be in the novel....?
Aralyn- I'm not answering this.
Josten- What type of beetle is it?  Cuz some beetles are supposed to be healthy.
Caid- (facepalm)
Aralyn- Your disgusting.

(This is Kaycee now!)

Well, hope you enjoyed this very random post!  XD


  1. Awesome post! Josten is...well Josten...and I can't wait to learn more about him in your story! (So I'll get to know Aralyn's stuff) Looking forward reading Midnight Warrior in the (hopefully) near future!

  2. Enjoyed this :)

    Hey, I just finished this great book by a new young author... perhaps you've heard of it? The title is "Ember Flame."

    :) Really enjoyed the book, thanks for giving me a copy!!! :)