Friday, September 14, 2012

This is why I write

I'm a writer. Whenever I try to define myself, the order always goes like this:  Christian, daughter, sister, friend, writer.  There is not much I put higher on my list of importance.  Jesus, my family, and my friends are the only things more important to me than writing.  I daren't call myself an author.  That makes it sound so professional, so vocational.  I'm a writer because I write.  I can't say that I am really good.  I can't say that I am any good.  Heck, "daren't" is apparently not even a word!  And I have just used it in a blog post...twice!

I write because it helps me discover what I feel and think.  I've realized through writing that emotions are very strange things.  I can be content, angry, and ecstatic about something all at the same time, and yet I appear to my family to be cold and distant.  I'm not that fantastic at talking.   In fact, I'm an introvert and I am fairly shy at first around new people.  You know those types of people that are very vocal on the Internet but all quiet in real life?  Yeah, I'm in that group.

There are many reasons why I write, but that is the main one.  I think the second reason I write is because life is so hard sometimes, it just seems to drag on and on.  You feel like there has got to be something more you should be doing, but you can't think of what it is.  Nothing is necessarily wrong with your life, and yet, it's not right either.  Being a teenager especially, I have noticed that sometimes I will be in a perfectly good mood, and then suddenly something will happen and I can be instantly crying alone in my room.  It usually has something to do with chemistry.  Yes, I have cried over my chemistry homework, then became aware that crying will get me nowhere and I just need to do it.  Don't you judge me.  :P

When I don't write, this happens more often.  This also happens more when I don't have my quiet time for awhile.  I believe God gave me a gift for writing.  Whenever I spend time with Him then use my gift for Him, my day goes infinitely better.  I have better control on my emotions and I think I'm a nicer person to be around.

Another reason I write, especially writing fantasy, is because it helps me keep my focus on what this world really is.  Fantasy often has some sort of battle of epic proportions between good and evil.  The hero is one of the good guys and he has to defeat the evil that threatens to take over the world.  How many times have we seen that story?  And does it really ever get old?

The real world is just like that, but it is less noticeable.  You catch glimpses of the evil when someone honks loudly at you for being hesitant at turning right at a red light, when you see someone cruelly kick or hit a puppy, when your teacher hands you your chemistry assignment...(okay, okay, maybe not that last one!)  But all in all, you don't really see the evil.  I have never been chased by Ringwraiths and stabbed by a morgul blade.  I have never grabbed my lightsaber to fight off an angry band of Siths.

But even if you can't see it, the evil is there.  I am chased by incessant jealousies and stabbed with the bitter consequences of sin.  I do have to grab God's word to fight off an angry mob of doubt.  Writing fantasy helps me keep this is mind, and helps me be on my guard against real sin, real evil.

But that's not all.  Often I find myself becoming angry and semi-depressed at all the pathetic pettiness people possess.  (I <3 alliteration!)  There is good in this world too!  True, you might not find one valiant soul dragging himself and a deadly Ring to a fiery volcano to save the world.  And you might not ever be saved by Jedi who arrive just in time to destroy the storm-troopers trying to kill you.

I hear of men and women who run into buildings that have been hit with airplanes to save others at the cost of their own life.  I hear of missionaries and pastors in closed countries who refuse to back down in the face of terror.

I also know of one valiant soul who dragged himself and all of my deadly sin to a cross where he died to save the world.  And I have been saved countless times by my savior from encroaching sin that is trying to take me.

Whenever I ponder this subject, my favorite scene from any movie EVER always pops in my head.  I think I should share it, so here it is!

This is why I write.  All of this...and to avoid chemistry assignments.  :P


  1. "True, you might not find one valiant soul dragging himself and a deadly Ring to a fiery volcano to save the world. And you might not ever be saved by Jedi who arrive just in time to destroy the storm-troopers trying to kill you."

    But, oh! wouldn't it be awesome if you did?

    1. *sigh* indeed it would...I wish I lived in Middle-Earth!!! :P

  2. I love that scene in "The Two Towers!!!" Writing is awsome. It definately brings one face to face with truths and conflicts.

    Gloria Newton