Monday, September 24, 2012

Writing Updates..gearing up for NaNo

Hi everyone!  Is it just me, or has the bloggy world gone very quiet recently?  I guess it makes sense if it has, I mean, school is getting harder, people are planning Thanksgiving trips, going fall shopping, and other stuff like that. 

Anyway, I decided to write a post before I fall into a blog rut.  I couldn't think of anything super profound to say, so I figured I'd just give some updates on what I am doing. 

1.  Ember Flame.  I'm sending draft copies of it out to a whole bunch of people, and I'm also fixing it up a bit.  I'm not changing any of the story mind you, (as much as I would LOVE to fix my villain <_<)  I'm just making the descriptions and dialogue a bit better.  The book currently has a good many typos and grammar problems.  When I first got it published on createspace, I thought it would just send me a few copies, but nooo, they posted it on amazon.  Would have edited a bit more had I known that.  So after it is completed re-edited, I am going to republish it on amazon.  For now, it is still up there because I am too lazy to take it off right now. 

2.  I have a manga drawing of Ember that I did not do.  Someone from the NaNoWriMo forum of awesomeness did it for me.  Don't you think they did a great job? 

I pictured her hair being a tad redder than that, but everything else is spot on. 

3.  Speaking of NaNoWriMo, it is quickly approaching!  November is totally going to be my favorite month of the year again (it was last year too!).  If you have never done the National Novel Writing Month, I highly suggest you do it.  If you are seventeen or under, I suggest you do the Young Writer's Program version of it.  If you are thirteen or over, you are allowed to do the adult website, but they allow swearing and adult content.  If you are okay with that, then you could do the adult site.  Personally, I just find it awkward.  Here are the links to the YWP version and the adult version

4.  Midnight Warrior is coming right along.  Aralyn, my anti-hero, is turning out EXACTLY how I wanted her too.  She is my favorite character I have ever invented, so I am glad she has not turned out to be flat and boring.  I'm close to 40,000 words on Midnight Warrior. 

5.  As NaNo approaches, more and more ideas for Hail Frost have been stirring around in my head.  I have a basic idea for the plot, but it is EXTREMELY vague at the moment.  Mostly, I've been inventing my villain.  Sicreet, my villain from Ember Flame, is irritatingly cliche.  It kind've makes sense in my story context, because the people who are like him all have certain elements of immaturity to them.  But that does not change the fact that he is still cliche.  I am happy to say though. the villain for this one is not going to be cliche.  He's a pleasant, though manipulative, twenty-something guy who everyone pretty much worships.  He stops the creepy zombiefications and other bizzaro stuff Sicreet had inflicted, and the people love him.   But Hail knows something about him that no one else does, and the bad thing is, Hail can't tell what it is because it will reveal far too much of his own past. 

I have a feeling Hail Frost will be about the same length as Ember Flame, but it will delve into Hail a lot more than Ember Flame did.  Personally, he is my favorite character.  He kind of reminds  me of a bizzare mixture of Guy of Gisbourne from BBC Robin Hood and Alastair Coldhollow from Sword in the Stars.  Yeah, he's awesome.  ;) 

Yeah, but don't worry.  Ember will be back and brattier than ever in this one.  I know you are all just thrilled.  >:)

I plan on doing a longer post about Hail Frost and Ember Flame soon, and I also plan on doing a kind of introduction to my characters from Midnight Warrior, if I can get them to behave long enough.  <_<

Needless to say, I can't wait until November!  It's gonna be epic! 

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