Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hail Frost...The Synopsis!

Yep.  Thanks to all your awesome comments in the last post and in my email, I have finally made a synopsis!  This is my first one, so it is prone to change by the time I fully outline and write my novel, but I thought y'all would like to see it.  :)

"Five of the Leverage have been reunited.  The sixth is still missing, and is apparently in the clutches of the Pull with no leads to find him or her.  Striving to trust Elethor, to Leverage split into groups to attempt to hunt down this final Leverage.

Snow and Flake venture deep into the Northern Barbaric which reeks of dark magic and an ancient race that has a strange connection to the Leverage.

Ember has, naturally, opted to follow her own course.  She returns to the ruins of Grel with her sister Klina, to try and solve a mystery in her past inspired by an odd bracelet.  There she meets an old acquaintance who has uncanny knowledge of everything she has been doing, including the history of a certain Hail Frost.

Hail and his brother Rime have returned to Heesen to try and get information about the last Leverage from Hail's former master, Marin.  When they arrive, they find the place swarming with cheering crowds, ecstatic people, and an abolished slave trade.  Determined to discover the meaning behind this, Hail forces an "interview" with Marin to discover the newest deception of the Pull, a plan far more risky and deadly than anything Sicreet ever concocted.  Hail receives all the information he needs to defeat this plan, but to do so would be to reveal everything about his past.  And that is the equivalent to suicide for Hail.

Ghost dragon mysteries, hidden paths, the last zombie in Holdinus, and the comeback of the Pull force Hail to question his darkest thoughts.  In the end, he will have to choose between deception and life, or truth and death.  As he strives to erase his past and change his future, his choice will affect the fate of all Holdinus."

Any tips?  Any more ideas?  I have not begun in depth outlining yet, so there is still time to suggest!  :)

I'll stop comment begging.  I promise.  I will.  (facepalm)  


  1. This isn't an outline suggestion, but I'd love to see a map of this world at some point! :)

    Can't wait to read the sequel!

  2. Wow, I'm holding myself down in anxiety ! I can't wait to read it when your done!!!!

    Looks pretty good, I can't think of anything else.

    -Jackie Taylor

  3. It reads as if you have everything in line perfectly. I have no suggestions to offer on the literary end, just one (which I begrudgingly give,); just don't rush it. Let it flow just like the first novel. Don't get rushed thinking you need to get the sequel out. Have you ever seen (or read) a sequel to something and wondered why it was such a flop since the first movie (or book) was so great? I believe it's mostly because someone rushed. Much better to wait on the ideas to flow and allow your following's anticipation to grow than to rush it and have everyone forget it!! Love you!