Monday, October 29, 2012

Three more days!

Yep.  Just three more days until NaNoWriMo. I am soooo excited, and kind of nervous too.  I just thought I would do a quick blog post to say how I have prepared for November.

1.  Outline, outline, outline!

I have stayed up for over two hours every night just attempting to brutally outline and nail down every big plot turn in my story.  A lot of it will probably change as my story unfolds when I actually write it.  But it always helps to think of uncliche plot twists just to keep myself on track.

Speaking of uncliche, I am SO excited about my villain in this book!  Sicreet was pathetically cliche.  (I was joking around with my dad that all I needed to do was give him a hunchbacked minion and a black cat to stroke while telling his evil plan and I would be good!)  But my new villain, Valin, is, in my opinion, really good.  He's a twenty-something guy who has had to do a lot of shady stuff to get to the top of Pull.  Sicreet and he were enemies and he could not have been more pleased when Sicreet was killed.  He's a lot smarter than Sicreet, and he is also more realistic.  He has a real side, an almost-good side.  And he is not as cruel, at least in the normal sense of the word, as Sicreet was.  Valin is much better at toying with emotions and motives than physical pain.

He's something of a foil to Hail.  Hail is basically on the run and can't tell who he is because of all the terrible things he did in his past, while everybody loves Valin because of his seemingly perfect record.


2.  Read over what I last wrote.

Meaning Ember Flame. It is so painful.  So many typos and junk.  Oh well.  I do this to get back into the writing style of the past book, which was dialogue driven and short, basic descriptions.  It was also written in 3rd person alternating.  "Midnight Warrior" is much deeper and thoughtful than Ember Flame, with a lot more intrigue, thriller, and mystery thrown in the mix.  It was also written in 1st person alternating.  Sooo...I'm making my brain revert back to the "Ember Flame" style of writing.  Lots of dialogue and lots of fights and a fairly basic plot.

3.  Get my characters under control.  Meaning, just do quick, horrifically written "short stories" which is really just sticking all my characters in a setting and telling them to have at it.  I do this just to make sure I have their voice right.  I really don't need Ember to start acting like Aralyn or Valin to start acting like Narcul, so I really have to get out of Midnight Warrior mode and into Ember Flame mode.  It's kinda tough.

Ember:  Tough for you maybe.  I'm havin fun.
Me:  I'm sure you are.
Hail: *smirk*
Snow:  Being placed in a dark cave with a bunch of people I've never met and who seem rather shady.  What could be more fun than that?
Ember:  Well, in your absolutely professional opinion, probably killing my brother would be more to your liking.
Snow:  *huffs*  I thought we had moved past...
Hail:  ...You murdering Coal? *chuckles dryly*
Snow:  *tosses hair*  Really you two!  *storms off*
Flake:  You did forgive her you know Ember...
Ember: *shrugs*  What, do you want me not to be angry about his death?  How would you feel if two people you trusted totally wacked out and...
Hail: *winces*
Rime:  Hey!  Back off, Ember!  What happened to all that gross mushy stuff between you two!?
Ember: Shut!
Rime:  You shut!
Snow:  You all need to shut!
Hail:  *at Snow* You shut!
Klina:  You know that makes zero sense...
Dray: What happened to the "up?"
Ember: It's stupid.
Rime: Unneeded.
Hail: It's a waste of breath.  Kinda like talking to you.
Klina:  *under her breath*  Leverage are sooo petty.

*cough*  Well, um, as you can see I have them completely under control!  There is no possible way they are going to surprise me in my story! way.  *to characters*  HOW DID YOU GET HERE???

Ember: *proudly*  I broke into you room and hacked your computer.  Duh.
Hail:  A little piece of ice told us where you lived...
Ember:  Where did you find ice in Lothlorien???
Hail:  *funny look*  We aren't in Lothlorien, genius.
Ember: But Kaycee said she lived in Lothlorien, idiot!
Hail: *facepalm*

Umm...forget that.  *Grabs characters, throws them in dungeon, locks the door, runs off and feeds the key to a rabid raccoon*

So, yeah!  That is what I am up to right now!  THREE MORE DAYS!  SOOO EXCITED!!!


  1. Your characters are ornery ;)

    I just signed up for nano too (first time!!!) I'm nervous.

    Looking forward to reading more of my favoritest young author!!

  2. Thanks! :)

    That is so cool! I just know you are going to LOVE it! What is your story about? I am so excited!!! XD