Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hail Frost: The Characters!

Here are my characters from "Hail Frost."  The pictures are actors who look kinda like how I imagined my characters.  Lets turn this into a game and see if you can guess who the actors are!  After all the guesses, I will tell in the comment section!  :)

(Oh yeah, and I could NOT find any actress who looked anything like Ember, so I made my own using the Mary Kay virtual makeover.  Soo...don't guess on her.  :P  If you want, you could say actresses who you think look like Ember. )

Hail Frost

Hail is a young warrior who is trying to redeem himself from his dark past.  He is cold, brooding, and is becoming increasingly distant.  He does not trust much, himself least of all.  As his brother begins to find out more about Hail's past, Hail begins to work harder to redeem himself.  

Ember Flame

Ember is an orphan brat turned hero, but she pretty much ditches that last part when she decides to try and find answers from her own past.  She is stubborn, headstrong, and fiery.  She struggles to find her place in the world, and to try and become sufficient guidance and family to her little sister.  

Commander Valin

Valin is the "new kid," the "rookie" in the government of the Pull.  He (quite literally) had to scratch his way to the top.  He has managed to keep his deadly record a secret and he hides behind a facade of charm and eloquent justice.  Deep inside though, he holds a grudge against the Leverage and he has no intention of letting them save Holdinus.

Snow Frost

Snow is finally fulfilling her destiny, but part of her is telling her it is to late to earn forgiveness with anyone, including Elethor.  It certainly does not help when her travelling companion begins to become disgusted with her past actions.  Snow is outwardly composed and calm, but she also still retains her old sneaky and manipulative abilities.   

Klina Rindil

Klina is the little sister of Ember.  She has spent most of her life tossed from place to place.  When she first met her new sister, she was inspired by her fiery spirit and bravery, but Klina soon realizes that Ember is a far cry from the perfect sister.  Klina is both spunky and serious, and she really wants the world to be peaceful again so they can settle to a normal life.

Rime Frost

Rime is the younger brother of Hail.  He can be a tad demanding and whiny, but he really wants to be like his older brother.  Hail is often disgusted with Rime's lack of seemingly lack of fortitude and courage...but perhaps he will discover that maybe Rime is not the cowardly one...

Flake Frost

Of all the Leverage, Flake prides herself on being the only one to have maturity and a "decent" background.  She tends to look at the world, and herself, with rose colored spectacles.  But when Flake realizes that maybe she is not so perfect, in fact, that she might have caused the most damage of all of them, she begins to see the world a little differently.  


Dray is an ever-mysterious and cocky enigma that touches paths with Ember, Hail, and Valin.  He is often underestimated...and no one is really sure who he is or he works for.  The only person more mysterious than him is his older brother, Jess.  But that's another story.  ;)


  1. Ok, so I am REALLY bad with actors names and stuff, but Hail is the dude who play Guy in robin hood. I don't what the actors name is...And Klina is Georgia O'something, the person who played Lucy in Narnia.
    Other than that, I have no idea who the actor is.
    P.S. Hail Frost is going to be so awesome!!! I can't wait to read it!!!

  2. Is Snow Michelle Pfeiffer? I can't tell from that picture...

    And Dray is Taylor Laughlin or whatever his name is (I only know him as Jacob in the Twilight series... hangs head in shame)

    I did NOT recognize Georgie Henley! Crazy. You did a good job finding pictures that are a little "off" making the actors hard to identify! (I feel like I've seen the others... but not in anything that sticks out well in my head... Derek is MUCH better at recognizing actors/actresses out of context than I am, he almost always wins when we play... "Where have I seen her/him before?!?!?" while we're watching tv/movies! hahaha

  3. No need to hang your head in shame! I've heard he did well in Twilight! And yes, both of you are right on the ones you guessed at. Richard Armitage, the one Ruth mentioned as Guy, is playing Thorin Oakenshield in the Hobbit, so you probably recognize him from there if you don't watch BBC Robin Hood.

    Hint: both Valin and Flake are actors in Once Upon a Time. Rime is an actor in a movie that was made from a popular book. (I'm sure that really narrows things down... :P)

  4. Here are the actors names! (in order)

    Richard Armitage
    (Mary Kay model)
    Eion Bailey
    Michelle Pfeiffer
    Georgie Henley
    Jake Abel
    Sarah Bolger
    Taylor Laughtner

  5. Cool! I was right about Ladyhawke (Michelle Pfeiffer) (by the by, have you seen the movie Ladyhawke? It's my second-favorite movie of all time ever! (right behind The Princess Bride))

    I have actually neither seen nor read "I Am Number Four."

    Hm, I really didn't recognize the two from Once Upon a Time... is the Valin guy Pinocchio? Who does Flake/Sarah play in Once, and why can't I place her? We're all caught up on our Once Upon a Time watching!!! LOVE it! (It got a lot better after episode 5ish).

    Ok, I'm rambling. Good-bye for now :)

  6. I have never seen Ladyhawke. I'll have to look into it...

    Yay! You caught up on OUaT! YES! Valin is August, and Sarah Bolger plays Aurora in the second season. The first five episodes are hard to get through, especially with younger siblings because those have some stuff they can't watch. After that though, they really get better! My favorite episode in the first season is probably Skin Deep. <3 Rumbelle!

    Hehe...I'm rambling now too. OUaT makes me ramble. XD

  7. I love the idea of putting a face to your characters. Side note: When I was reading Ember Flame, my idea of what Les looked like completely switched when she found out her name was Ember. Just that name change gave her character a new feel. You have great characterization skills!
    Ruth N.