Friday, November 30, 2012

*happy dance, happy dance, collapses in a lack-of-sleep-stupor*

I won y'all!  Yay!

This past month has been AWESOME!  I am so happy I was able to do NaNo with my best friend, Ruth, who also won!  You can check it out at her blog here

Of the three and a half novels I have written, 'Hail Frost' is by FAR the one that deviated from my outline the most.  Instead of focusing on Hail, Ember, and Snow, the story mostly focused on Hail, Flake, and my would-be villain, Valin.  Valin made a really fun villain, but his character has so much more than can be developed.  Instead of dying in my showdown like I had planned, he lives and he is probably going to be the main villain of the next 'Leverage' novel also.  In 'Ember Flame' Flake seemed for the few chapters she is in.  She is probably one of my more dynamic characters, and she is actually one of my favorites now!

Anyway, thanks to everyone who supported and prayed for me!  It was so much fun, and I really appreciate y'all thinking about me throughout this month.  Every time someone would come up and ask me how my novel is going, people I had no idea knew about my novel, I was so touched.  Y'all are awesome!

My novel is not finished yet, but as of right now the word count is 90,012 words!

Now, if you excuse me, I'm going to go take a shower in celebration.  Again, y'all are awesome!  Thank you so much!


  1. Sooooo Awesome!!! I am just now finding out about this!!!! Sorry, I have never professed to be a computer person....I am so proud of you and CANNOT WAIT to read the book!!!!! Love you!

  2. Hey there, random question:

    I am in the midst of editing "Dawn of the Dragon's Eye" and turning it into "Second Son" - hoping to release it by May 2013.

    As one of my biggest fans... is there anything in "Dawn" that would really bother you if I cut out (for example: if I had gotten rid of the scene where Oraeyn throws Kamarie in the river you would have been a bit upset with me). Is there anything like that in "Dawn"? Just curious. I'm not doing as much re-writing with this one (it was better to begin with) so there's not as much I'm cutting/revising, but I do want to know if there's anything like that you might be worried about.


    1. Hmm...I really like the scenes between Seamas, his wife, and his daughter. They were sad and helped me understand him better. I know you won't take this scene out, but I love the part where Rhoyan becomes Brant. Those are probably my favorite scenes.

      I can't wait to read Second Son! :)

  3. Thanks! You gonna participate in ABNA? It's a great follow-up to Nano.

  4. I really want to...but I'm still praying about it. See, if I do enter 'Hail Frost', I might have to wait a long time before I can publish it. Besides, 'Hail Frost' is not even finished, much less edited! 'Ember Flame' needs even more editing than 'Hail Frost' needs, so I don't think I have anything I could enter. :( Thanks for telling me about it though! I might enter 'Midnight Warrior' into it next year! :)