Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Writing? Ha!

Yes, this is my first post this month.  I have not really written much of anything in December.  I think all the pent-up writers block from NaNo are beginning to seep into my brain.  I did write a Christmas short story based on Scotty McCreery's "Christmas in Heaven" song.  Every year, I write a short story for my family's Christmas card.  I'll probably share it here in a little while.

So yeah, I've only written about a thousand words in Hail Frost since the end of November.  Quite frankly, I have just not wanted to write.  Christmas is crazy, I am truly sick of school, and I have such a majorly bad writer's block that even the thought of turning on my laptop makes my stomach churn.

So, what have I been doing?  Well...

I was surfing Netflix trying to find something to watch and I stumbled across a little show called Doctor Who.  I. Love. It.  A lot of people gripe about the Ninth Doctor, but I just love him!  I'm gonna be sad when he regenerates into the Tenth Doctor.  :(

Also on my list of to-watch Netflix things are BBC Sherlock Holmes, Merlin, and possibly 24.

Guess what I plan on spending my Christmas break doing!

So yes, in terms of writing, that is the most writerish thing I have done.  Watch Doctor Who with my brother and write a Christmas short story.  I'll try to force myself to write during break I suppose...but it's just so hard when the Doctor is busy saving the universe from pig-mutating aliens and skin stretched humans!  XD

If this all seems a bit random, I apologize.  I'll probably write a post about short stories or sci-fi soon.  Honestly though, my writing energy levels are lower than the TARDIS' technological advancements in the past fifty years.


  1. The 9th Doctor is the one from the first season on Netflix. He is the Doctor in the episode "Rose." :)

  2. Ok. I can't keep track of which one is which.

    I promise, you'll like the 10th doctor too. (I'm personally having a hard time really loving the 11th doctor... though I'm told I'll learn to love him). :)

    Writer's block happens. Best thing to do is take a short break and let your mind rest a little. :) (Not too long, though... because your readers will become agitated... and Daleks might be accidentally summoned, and then you'd need to call the Doctor...) (If you haven't met the Daleks yet... well... :) you will). (I like parenthetical comments) LOL

  3. Thanks! :) I tried to write last night, but now Hail is stuck in a closet and I don't know how to get him out...>_<

    Anywho (lolz...) I have not reached the Daleks yet. I've heard tell of them, and I can see on my Netflix and episode called "Dalek" coming up. They are like punked out R2-D2s correct? That's what I've heard anyway. XD