Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Sheesh.  Is it seriously 2013?  I feel like I'm in Doctor Who...

ANYWAY, most people post their resolutions.  Now, I'm all for "resolving" to do something, but the whole resolution deal never works for me.  I like plans and deadlines here are some of my writing plans for 2013!

Finish rough draft of Hail Frost by January 6th
Completely edit and reformat Ember Flame and have published by the end of May
Completely edit and reformat Hail Frost and have published by the end of June
100 for 100 challenge by Go Teen Writers starting on February 1st.
Write a script during the April Script Frenzy
And, of course, National Novel Writing Month in November

So those are things I know I am absolutely going to do.  I have some more vague ones....

I am going to completely rewrite Midnight Warrior.  That's right, I'm not going to continue with what I have at all.  Turns out, alternating first person is EXTREMELY hard for the intense plotline.  It did not fit the story at all.  Plus, the world is so large and enchanting, I can build so much more than what I have.  All that to say, I'm starting over.

A lot of people say that you don't become a "real writer" until you write a million words.  I don't necessarily believe this.  I think a "real writer" is anyone who sits down to write because they want too.  But still, a million words is a pretty cool milestone.  I want to try and reach it this year!  I am currently around 400,000 words written total.  I at least want to make it to 800,000.

I want to enter into more short story contests and maybe contribute to the Kingdom Pen e-magazine.

I will might do Camp Nano.  It all depends on how crazy life is at that time.  I can tell you one thing, if I do it, I will NOT be writing 90,000.  It would probably be more like 60,000.

So there you have it!  My list of goals for 2013!  Hope all of you have a Happy New Year's Day and an even happier New Year!  :)

On a side note, it's my Dad's birthday!  So, happy birthday to the best dad ever!  :)


  1. Sounds like a good list of goals! I think you become a "real" writer when you find yourself thinking you are one... When people ask what you do and your natural first response is, "I'm a writer." Regardless of how many words you've written.

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  3. You are very much a writer. Not only because you write...a lot...but you want to help others with their writing. The management side of me loves the way you are rockin' the project timeline. Impressive! The mom side of me loves the sweet note you wrote to your dad. Love you!

  4. :) You have always inspired me! After I had finished reading Dragon's Eye, mom told me that she knew you and that you went to our church. I was all like, "You know the REAL author? Can I meet her too???" XD