Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hail Frost!!!

I'll wrap up my Bible and Fantasy series in a bit.  But first, I want to share some very exciting news...

Hail Frost is FINISHED!!!

Okay, it's not edited or anything, but the rough draft is completely done!  I'm very excited about it all.  Not only that, but we have officially begun re-editing Ember Flame.  Super happy.  So happy, I thought I'd share an excerpt from Hail Frost.  This excerpt actually takes place directly after this excerpt.  It's the second scene in the book, and it introduces Valin.  Keep in mind, ZERO editing has been done, so there are a tad too many "to be" sentences, and there are probably some grammatical issues.  I'm just so excited I had to share!  :P


Valin gazed across the valley, watching as black ooze melted down into the crevices. Far away, the valley ended and met the sinking sun, slashing the land with bright pinks and reds. The wind pushed his hair back and swept his black cloak behind him in a billowing cloud. He wondered vaguely what the oozing goop was, but not enough to cause him to investigate. He of all people knew that Northern Barbaric could never be trusted. The wind picked up again, and pressed the Pull insignia closer to his chest, as if it were trying to brand him with some unquenchable fire. Valin looked down and eyed the necklace, a triangle with a square inside it. Ugly, featureless, he almost wished he could remove it...almost.

“Commander Valin! Commander Valin!”

He turned to see Lenus, one of his soldiers, rush up the hill towards him. He was grasping something in his hand so hard it looked like he was trying to break it. His wild, bushy hair was shaking and twisting in the wind and his round cheeks were puffing and flapping. Valin laughed at the sight, “Lenus, your like to die of exhaustion. What is so important?”

“Amidoa just sent word,” he gasped.

Valin was taken aback, “Amidoa? I thought...”

“So did I. So did everyone,” Lenus nodded, his eyes wide in spite of himself.

Valin turned and stared down into the valley. Amidoa. He was certain he had heard she was dead. She was dead. How then was she back? Valin shuddered and stared at Lenus, “You are certain it was Amidoa?”

Lenus nodded his head, “I never saw her of course.” He held a flashing blue light towards Valin, “But every word I heard insists it is her, she knows all the correct passcodes, directions, and even the whereabouts of all the commanders and leaders of the Pull.”

Valin snatched the flashing blue light out of Lenus' hand. He stared into it, “And if it is really her...what word did she send?”

“Listen and find out.”

Valin glanced at Lenus. His soldier's eyes were wide with excitement and-what? Fear? Valin couldn't tell. He squeezed the light.

At first the noise was quiet, vague. Then it grew louder. A crash and a scream with some other noises Valin could not discern. Then a voice, “Love, it's the most horrible thing.” the voice cackled, “but I don't want to repeat about I just kill you now?” Valin swore at the voice, then listened closely as he heard a girl scream, rushing footsteps, and pounds. He heard sizzling, then an eerie, sickening cry and burning. He could almost smell the cooking flesh.

Valin squeezed and shut the light off. It turned back to a dull blue color and became silent. “He's dead?”

Lenus nodded.

Valin walked towards him, a smile beginning to form, “He is dead? Sicreet is dead?”


Valin ran his hands through his hair excitedly. He turned and walked, then burst into laughter, “And he was killed by the Leverage? Oh! Irony! How long ago? When was this?”

The soldier shrugged, his hair bobbing in the wind, “A month at least. Several weeks. It took awhile for the investigation to find this.”

Valin laughed again, “And I suppose the Leverage just skipped off into the sunset, correct?”

Lenus smirked, “Allegedly. Amidoa will probably see that the sun never rises for them.”

“Oh no. I'll see to that. But tell me, what word did Amidoa send? Does she want me to find them? Be her little slave puppy?” Valin's face contorted into a sneer that ruined his handsome features.

“It's the oddest thing,” Lenus replied, “She wants you to take over the Pull.”

Shocked, Valin took a few steps back. He stared at Lenus then mulled it over out loud, “Take over the Pull? All of it?”

“She said she felt like you had 'scratched and slitted your way far enough.' She said you have proven yourself worthy of it.”

“Aethin's wings, I have!” Valin growled, turning back to the oozing black liquid a few paces away, “Why now? Why is she helping me now?”

Lenus shrugged, “Sicreet is dead. I have a feeling everything is going to change now.”

“Oh yes, especially if I really am in charge.” He turned to Lenus and placed his hand on his shoulder, “Where did she tell me to meet her, and the rest of the Pull, friend?”

“Drental, Heesen. At your brother's castle.”

Valin nodded, “When?”

“You have three weeks.”

“Thank you, Lenus,” Valin clapped him on the shoulder, “Go pack my things. We leave at dawn.”

Lenus bowed, “Yes, commander.”

Valin smirked as he went flying down the hill again. Valin stared at the flashing blue light, one of the many examples of Sicreet's stupidity as lord.

Lord, Valin smiled at the thought. Soon, that would be him. And about time too.

He threw the light with all his strength into the liquid ooze. It sputtered, then swallowed it, leaving no evidence it ever existed.   


Hehe...I like Valin.  XD

Anyway, hope you liked it!  Can't wait to start editing!  

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