Friday, March 1, 2013

"Ahh..there's no place like evil lair!"

I've got a lot of school to do.

Like, a lot.

With all that schoolwork, I've been feeling a bit villainous lately.

So. I propose a blog series!

Mwahahaha, I can feel your excitement!

Here's how it is going to work.  For the next ten days, I am going to write about one of my favorite villains, a villain I consider to be one of the best, and I might even through some favorite anti-heroes and some of my villains in for good measure.  I'll try to have the title be a quote from one of our maniacal featured guests.  Sound good?  Good.

Okay, so, starting with who I consider to be my tenth favorite villain...

Fernand Mondego- Count of Monte Cristo

In both the movie and the book, Fernand is a semi-charming, semi-cowardly scoundrel.  In the movie, he has a much braver and impetuous nature than in the book, probably because he was acting as the principal villain.  In the book, there are three men who act as the villains of the story, and Fernand is the one in it to steal the hero's love.

Fernand is my tenth favorite villain, not because of his character, but more because of his role.  It is a very rare occurrence when the villain actually succeeds in his plot, but is STILL ultimately foiled.  Fernand does indeed steal away the hero's love, and the hero never gets that love back.  Yet, Fernand still loses.  On top of it all, Fernand's backstory directly involves the hero's new love, which is very intriguing and conflicting, and he has a strong personality to boot.  What's not to like?

Now, for my fifth favorite anti-hero of all time.  XD

Megamind- from Megamind!

I love this character.  I love this movie.  After the 'Avengers', 'Megamind' is probably the movie I quote the most.

I've said in a different blog post that if you want to make me happy, just hand me a Dreamworks film.  It never fails.  Anyway, one of the main reasons I love Megamind is because the writer was a MASTER at contrasting and juxtaposition.  The theme ain't bad as well.  And Megamind embodies it all.  He was raised under rather harsh circumstances, was thought of as weird and ugly in school, hides his true sensitivity under a cocky and bold enigma, but at the end of the day, he's just a decent fellow struggling to overcome his insecurities.  I love both the personalities he displays throughout the movie, the bold, cocky supervillain, and the mild-mannered, nerdy guy.

For the tenth best villain....

Commodus- Gladiator

There are very few villains that make me feel an utter, gut-wrenching hatred for them.  In fact, there is only one.

Commodus is not that villain.

HOWEVER, there are a few villains that have made me gasp and shriek in absolute repulsion.  Commodus is one of those.

First off, he is a blubbering coward throughout the entire film, which really juxtaposes Maximus, Russell Crowe's character.  Normally, I can't stand cowardly villains.  I think a cowardly villain usually makes for a weak story because of the lack of conflict.  It's one of the main reasons "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" was not anywhere near as good as the first three.  However, Commodus worked because he was a coward with ALL the power, and he was a coward who would actually overcome his cowardice to get what he wanted.  He did this by murdering his father, murdering Maximus' family, and controlling his sister.  This makes the viewer constantly worried because you are never quite sure when he is going to burst out of the cowardice for some other heinous deed.

Well, there you have it.  Tomorrow, my fifth favorite villain will be posted, along with my ninth favorite villain, and the ninth best villain.  See ya tomorrow!  :)

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