Sunday, April 14, 2013

Character Building: Part 2.5

Of course, it was only after I wrote the post on identities that I watch the most epicest Doctor Who scene EVER!  I wasn't sure I'd like the eleventh doctor, but after watching this, he just might be my favorite...and I've only seen two episodes of him!*

I love how the Doctor, even after going through so many identities, he still knows exactly who he is and what his purpose is.  He's pretty darn awesome.

*Haven't finished the tenth doctor yet.  Heck, I haven't even finished the first SEASON of the tenth doctor.  I love the tenth doctor.  A friend wanted me to see the eleventh doctor, so I skipped ahead to the first episode of season five.  I'm sure there are plenty of epic tenth doctor scenes that would fit this character building post, I just haven't seen them.  Not to mention the awesomeness of the ninth doctor in his first episode...

I'll stop rambling now.  Watch the video!  It's awesome!  


  1. Matt Smith has grown on me... though it took him all of his entire first season... I just love David Tennant so very much... :)

  2. By the by, I think I'm going through Dr. Who withdrawal... need... more... episodes....

  3. Haha, I was sold on Matt Smith after that scene! XD But yes, I just love David Tennant too! And I always feel sad when I think about the ninth doctor. He was the one who got me hooked on Doctor Who, I wish he had more seasons.

    I heard in the big 50th anniversary episode or whatever, Rose and the Tenth Doctor will be back with the eleventh doctor! Squeal! It would have been totally perfect if they had the ninth, tenth, and eleventh doctor back with Rose right in the middle of it all. XD I wonder if it is the actual tenth doctor that will be in it, or 10.5, the half-human thingamajig doctor. (Yes, I've gone and been a bad child and read all the spoilers...)

  4. haha, interesting question... I sort of forgot about the half-human 10th doctor...