Thursday, May 2, 2013

...May already???

I can NOT believe it is May!

I mean seriously.  Where did the year go?

This happens to me every year.   I always seem to come out of my 'I-hate-school-so-much-so-I'll-just-shut-up-and-pretend-I'm-a-zombie-till-it-ends' funk around May.  Usually, I'm ecstatic.  This year I feel more like hyperventilating and hiding in my closet until it's Christmas.

Frankly, I have quite a bit of school to do over the summer.  And it is mostly (bum bum bummm) math.  I've had to do Algebra 1 and Geometry this year because...well...I didn't like math in the ninth grade either.  And it didn't get better with age.  So guess what?  Algebra 1 and Geometry all summer for me!  Yippee.

And that's not my only real issue.  I still have to log sixty hours to get my driver's license, which I REALLY want to get because I plan on interning at a publishing house or film company this summer.  (Either that or work at Chick-Fil-A...)  On top of it all, it seems like 'Ember Flame' and 'Hail Frost' will NEVER be fully edited.  My life is nuts.  I wish I could stay in zombie mode for awhile longer.

I guess it's good I've come out of it though.  Maybe next year I won't procrastinate for so long on everything.  Because seriously, I'm scared to death.  Mom is helping me make a schedule and pace myself.  I'm good at doing that in subjects I like, but I would win the award for 'world's most ginormous mound of worthless sludge' when it comes to actually PLANNING my MATH.

*sigh*  I'm not here to rant completely.  I promise.  Here, my very good friend May "ponified" my characters from 'Ember Flame.'  Ain't she incredible?  (She did the cover for 'Ember Flame' too.)

(sorry, couldn't figure out how to flip them...but aren't they so cute???)

Well, my sister just brought me some cookies.  Cookies make me happy.  Maybe it's not so bad NOT being a zombie...  :P

I'll have more writerish things to talk about soon.  :)

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