Wednesday, October 16, 2013

15 Days till Nano!!!

I am so excited!

Only fifteen more days!

Thought I'd give a bit of a "sneak peek" at what I am working on!

I will be writing the third book in the Leverage Series titled 'Flake Frost.' This novel will take place several weeks after the end of 'Hail Frost.' It will end the trilogy.

Oh yes. I haven't mentioned this, have I?

The Leverage Series is going to be cut into two parts, two trilogies actually. The first trilogy- 'Ember Flame,' 'Hail Frost,' and 'Flake Frost' all take place within the same basic time. 'Hail Frost' begins about a month after 'Ember Flame' ends, and 'Flake Frost' will begin several weeks after 'Hail Frost' ends. The second trilogy will take place possibly up to five years after 'Flake Frost' ends. Maybe more. Maybe less. I'm still fuzzy on those details. 

But the end of the trilogy. It's a daunting and looming task, yet one I am extremely giddy for! 

I'm counting on 'Flake Frost' being about the same length as 'Hail Frost,' around 120,000 words. 

Boy, have I got plans for those 120,000 words. >:)

I can't wait to get started!


  1. So exciting! I got all signed up yesterday... October has been super productive so far, so I have high hopes for getting a good chunk of Grayden Book 2 (title to be determined) done in November. The important thing appears to be staying off of the internet... :)

  2. Ah yes, the Internet. A writer's nightmare and best friend.

    So I gotta ask...when do you plan on publishing the first Grayden book??? Are you going to publish the four Tellurae Aqueous books first, or mix it up? I want to read em all, so I don't really care how ya do it. Just curious! XD

    1. The plan is to publish the entire Minstrel's Song quartet/quadrilogy (whatever) first. From the research I've done, it appears it is better to release an entire series first as a debut author before mixing it up. However, if I don't win the Five Glass Slippers contest... I may go ahead and publish that anyway... if I can find someone to do illustrations.

  3. The plan is to release the entire Minstrel's Song series first. From the research I've done, it appears to be the better strategy as a debut author to release an entire series before mixing it up. However, if I'm not one of the Five Glass Slipper winners, I may publish that story sooner, if I can find an illustrator/cover artist.