Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Once upon a time, a fangirl watched Once Upon a Time...

No, seriously, I swear I will get back to Mistah J. I'd just like to see the movie again first, so it might be a bit. But I WILL get back to him! There is no way I'm leaving such an incredibly awesome villain un-analyzed! (Gosh, when did I get so nerdy? When I was in elementary school and looking forward to being a teenager, I did not plan on being this nerdy. Gosh...)

And un-analyzed is a word. If "selfie" and "twerk" are being added to the dictionary (No, I'm not kidding. When is Jesus coming back?) then un-analyzed is a word. Geez, at least I'm trying to be intelligent. Twerk...hmph...

Ahem. How about I actually begin writing the post? Sound good? Good.

SPOILERS AHEAD! If you have not seen the episode and you do not want it ruined, do NOT read on!

For all those who didn't know, ABC's hit drama Once Upon a Time began it's third season on Sunday. Now, disclaimer, I am the most insanely addicted fan to ever walk the planet. I might be a bit biased. You have been forewarned.

Well, I watched the first episode and it was extremely exciting, well-done, and well-written. Everything about it fully satisfied my ideas for it, plus more. I'm now going to write a list to keep myself from going on a fangirl tangent. You're welcome.

Things I did not like:

  • I don't usually care about CGI, but I think it could have been better during the scene where the Jolly Roger is going through the portal and re-emerges in Neverland.
  • There's a scene where Regina and Snow begin fighting, and David moves to go and help Snow. Hook tries to get him to go back to helping with the helm, and David gets mad and begins fighting Hook. I get the whole "boys will be boys" deal, but that seemed a bit out of character for dear old Charming. He would have gotten away from Hook and rushed to Snow as fast as he could, not get caught up in a stupid fist fight, thus letting Regina continue to wail upon Snow.
Things that were "meh":
  • Mr. Gold's wardrobe change. I get it, I really do. It would look weird and make no sense for Mr. Gold to go traipsing through the jungle in a suit...especially when he has magic that could quickly get him a change in outfit. I just...I dunno...with him wearing that it made me want Rumpelstiltskin back. Emma's face would be PRICELESS!
  • The "what do we do with the stupid mermaid" scene. It was well-acted and well-written, even if all the character's personalities seemed ridiculously amplified. I think that was the point though. I think the storm was getting inside their heads, making who they are come out even stronger-namely Regina's dark side and Mary Margaret's snow white goodness. I wish the episode had made that clearer though, instead of leaving you wondering why these five adults are squabbling like a pack of middle school brats.
  • NOOO BELLE!!!  I get it though. It would have been wayy too much, and the trailer for next week makes it look like Belle will get the proper amount of attention. But Belle means no Rumbelle. :(
  • Emma giving birth to Henry. It was a great beginning to the episode and set up the emotional drama perfectly...I just don't like birth scenes. 
Things I LOVED (no I don't have a "like". When it comes to OUaT, I either didn't like it, meh, or LOVED it.)
  • The acting was, of course, EXCELLENT!
  • Mr. Gold's anti-pep talk. I laughed so much during this scene...mostly because I was trying to picture him as a therapist and Emma as a patient. It would be hilarious. I'm going to propose a headcannon that Mr. Gold is the inventor of the demotivational poster. What else did he have to do those twenty-eight years?
  • Captain Swan! Yeah, I like Neal and everything, and I know him and Emma ending up together would be the best thing because Henry is their son...but I think Hook and Emma just fit so much better together. They just seem to "get" each other. Me likey, me likey...
  • I liked how they handled the Mulan/Aurora/Philip bits. Just enough to make you wonder what happened there, but not enough to be obnoxious. I honestly don't care much for all three of them, but I have to admit, I am now quite curious as to how they rescued Philip. Somehow, I think that information will play into the Shadow ripping deal in Neverland. Which leads me too...
  • THE DEATH OF TAMARA AND (sort of) OF GREG!!!  I kid you not, I clapped. Not so much that they were dead-I don't get that involved-but I just love it when good writers become better writers. I love it when writers who I already love learn from past mistakes. I'm talking about Juliet Burke who managed to survive for three freaking seasons of LOST before they finally found a way to kill her off. It was depressing that such excellent writers could make such a dumb blunder as keeping a plot character. However, in Once Upon a Time, they have fixed it wonderfully. Tamara and Greg have served their purposes-they got Henry and co. to Neverland. We get to see Mr. Gold do some good ol' fashioned revenge on Tamara, AND we have now seen the Shadow rip a "shadow" from a person. This sets up the Philip arc to be explained- how do you get the shadow back- and it also produces dread because we know that the shadow ripping could easily happen to any of the other characters. It was such fantastic writing, I wanted to clap. So I did.
  • The new Robin Hood. Robin Hood was recast for season three, and I must say, I like this new guy much better. I think he just "fits" the look better. I'm now curious to see what happened to Marian and the baby though. 
  • Neal using magic. Pretty darn awesome. 
  • The Biblical allusion. Emma had to jump overboard to make everyone stop fighting, thus stopping the storm. Jonah had to jump overboard because he was running from God, and when he did, God stopped the storm. Pretty sweet.
  • The LOST references. "Welcome to the Island!" "You can't beat this island." "We need to get to Echo caves." (In Lost, Mr. Eko was killed outside of some caves.) The references made my heart happy.
  • The mermaids. I really like what the writers are doing with the mermaids. It seems like a fascinating mix of Pirates of the Caribbean mermaids, Peter Pan mermaids, and The Little Mermaid mermaids. They are cruel and ruthless like the POTC mermaids, but at least they aren't (as far as I know...) vampire mermaids. They seem more obnoxious and bratty, which is reminiscent of the Peter Pan mermaids. "We were only trying to drown her!" (One of my favorite Disney lines ever!) And they remind me of The Little Mermaid mermaids because they wear bras. Good for them.
  • This one could go in the above paragraph, but I decided to put it here. I like the set-up for the Ariel arc of the story. All the mermaids seem to be nasty and mean, but Ariel is obviously going to be different. I like what my little sister pointed out. She said she thinks Ariel will be a "Serena." When I asked her what she meant, she said that Ariel will be that "one different mermaid" like Serena in Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Which, if you think about it, is also true of the Disney Ariel. I can't wait to see what they do!
  • The Pirates of the Caribbean references were pretty great too. "Is it a kraken???"
  • The costumes
  • The acting. Yes, I can say that twice!
  • The writing
  • "Bring back the mermaid!" "So what, you're gonna win her over with your rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers?"
  • "You either help me find my son, or get out of the way!"
  • Peter Pan. Oh gosh, Peter Pan was awesome. I love how he is cocky, in-your-face, and mischievous like the cartoon version, but in a very dark, devilish way. I like how he appears to be the youngest in the gang, but I get the feeling he is far older than the rest of them. Can't wait to see more of him. 
  • And last but not least... Hook's one liners.  "What are you doing?" "Getting ready" "For what?" "A fight." "I thought that was you all the time." and... "Oh, this is how we're spending our time now. A wardrobe change." 
And my favorite line in the entire episode....


  1. AAAHHHHH! I can't read this, because I still haven't seen season 2 :( (but it's on Netflix now, so that means it's on my list). :)

    Hey, you should check out this site: - it's a spin-off site from "homeschool authors" and I think it's pretty fabulous.

    By the by... I would love to have you over on my blog for an interview (I just realized I've never had you over there) if you're interested, just let me know. Or you could wait until Ember Flame is edited, and we could do an interview and a giveaway if that sounds like something you'd like to do... also, whenever Hail Frost is ready to go, I'd love to help out by blogging about the cover reveal or whatever... just thought I'd offer :)

    1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I forgot to put a spoiler warning! My apologies! *leaves to go quickly edit post*

      Thank you so much! I would love to do an interview on your blog! Ember Flame was just (like, ten minutes ago!) sent to CreateSpace for the final time. It should be published within a few days. *squeal* I'd love to do an interview and a giveaway as soon as it is on Amazon!

      Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement! It really means a lot! And hey, if I can do anything to help advertise King's Warrior and Second Son, just let me know! :)

      Thanks for the website reference! Gonna go check it out now... :)

    2. Oh, I wasn't bothered by the lack of spoiler warning. As soon as I read "third season" I knew I shouldn't read ahead! :)

      Awesome! Let me know as soon as Ember Flame is up and running and I'll send you the interview questions... (or, if you want to get started on them before then, just go here: and pick up to 10 of them) :)

      I'm hoping to be able to do a cover-reveal in the near future, if you're interested in blogging about that... and King's Warrior will be free on Kindle Oct. 9-10... if you'd be willing to help spread the word I surely would appreciate it! :)

  2. Ok... you got me hooked in Pinterest... I swore it would never happen... so I blame you!!!!! ;) hahahaha