Friday, December 6, 2013

Characters in Costume: Allies

I'm so sorry this is a bit late! Crazy day. Anyway...

YAY! Another 'Characters in Costume'! This one is focused on 'Allies.' I decided to finally give Klina Rindil, the principal ally of 'Hail Frost' the attention she deserves.

I based Klina on both of my sisters, who I will refer to as Merry (12) and Pip (9) on this blog. She has Merry's kindness and sweetness, while also portraying Pip's spunkiness and curly hair. Since both of my sisters inspired her, I thought I'd try something different for this 'Characters in Costume.'

I asked Merry, a reader, to dress up how she pictured Klina, while I, the author, dressed Pip how I pictured Klina.

I was happy to find that the two were similar, but the small differences were interesting too.

Anyway, here is Pip as Klina.

Klina is the thirteen year old sister of Ember. She was separated from her parents and siblings when she was barely a year old. Her past is a mystery forgotten by everyone...including herself. Flake Frost, another Leverage, found Klina and captured her from her past. Flake used stolen magic to erase Klina's mind and fill it with false memories. Klina 'grew up' believing she was rescued by Flake as a child and raised by her.

Klina was always very playful, and brought up to truly love Elethor (God). She enjoyed running through the wild, untamed hills of Northern Barbaric, playing games of tag and hide-and-seek with Flake and Rime, Flake's younger brother.

And then Ember burst into her life, bringing danger, adventure, magic, and excitement with her. Klina was enthralled by her fiery biological sister, and soon decided to follow her-leaving behind Flake and Rime who she loved like family. Klina quickly realized that Ember was not so incredible on a personal level.

That didn't stop Klina though. She pushed forward, determined to know and help her older sister. Klina becomes Ember's only friend and confidante, the only person able to reach past Ember's flippant exterior and find the hurt, broken soul within.

I pictured Klina dressing in soft, pastel type colors. I dressed Pip in a light gray dress, offset by a pink cloak and embroidered head scarf. I always pictured her dressing girlish and light, bringing to mind flowers and ocean breezes.

Merry, while retaining the dress and head scarf, pictured Klina different. She told me that Klina should be wearing 'dark' colors, giving a more serious vibe to the girl. She also incorporated a satchel because Klina should 'always be prepared.'

The difference surprised me, but I also found it interesting how authors and readers can picture one character in two very different, but connected, ways.

This was a lot of fun! Thank you Gillian Adams for hosting this! Be sure to go check out her blog (click on her name) to see other amazing characters in costumes! :)

P.S. I think my sisters had fun too. :P


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  1. What a fun idea - getting a "reader's" take on your character's costume! I like it. And Klina sounds like a cool character too. :)