Friday, March 14, 2014

Pinterest + Writing = Endless Inspiration, Marketing, and Fun!

So if you follow my Pinterest boards, you probably know I'm an insane fan of Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, BBC television shows, superheroes, LOTR, and other nerdy fangirling distractions. 

But my Pinterest boards do serve some purpose! I occasionally pin recipes, or funny, snarky tidbits. But I also use it for writing. 

For those who don't know, Pinterest is a social media site where you can "pin" images and websites to "boards" so they are easily accessible. Personally, it's my very favorite social media site. I like pictures and images, and I like the fact that I don't have to talk to anyone unless I want to. It's awesome. 

But pictures and writing don't seem to go together, do they? That's what I thought at first, but I have since discovered that Pinterest can be an excellent writing tool. In fact, I use it more than Google when I am writing!

The first way you can use Pinterest for writing is research. While researching "healing stab wounds" on Google will probably find you a how-to and some images, searching that same thing on Pinterest will find you blogs, images, how-tos, books, websites, and more! Plus, after finding the information you need, you can "pin" it to an appropriate board so the information will be easily accessible forever! Also, Pinterest has many infographics which show anything from how different alcohols will affect your body to how to spot a liar based on body language. All of these are great writing resources. 

Here is a link to my "Writing Info" board where I pin information that might help me in future writing.

Hint: This image is a pretty good summary of Hail Frost XD

Another way Pinterest can be used to help you and your readers is by making boards dedicated to book(s) you have written. You could pin anything from pictures of people who look how you pictured a character to inspiration for possible scenes in future books. You can pin images of places to help you and your reader envision your story world, you can pin costumes, blog posts, weapons, anything! Without even consciously trying to do this, your board will reflect the feel and look of your story, thus helping you create it and giving your a reader an idea about your book at the same time. I have had several of my awesome middle-school guinea pig readers say they appreciate the Pinterest boards because they make the story even better!

Here is a link to my "Leverage Series" (Ember Flame) board. I have pinned a LOT on this board, because I use it not only to show what is already in my story, but for possibilites of future stories in the Leverage Series.

Here is a link to Jill Williamson's, author of the epic Safe Lands trilogy, board for the first book in the aforementioned series.

And if you want to start getting an idea what is in store for Story D, you can check out my "Story D Board". :)

If you find images that you think are super-cool and awesome, but don't fit in any of the stories you are already working on, you can make just a general writing inspiration board. My Writing Inspiration board has everything from spaceships to dragons in it. When I'm working on a new story, I go through the board and try to find anything that sparks more of the plot in my head. Then, I transfer that pin to the story board. It's a pretty great system.

Here is my Writing Inspiration (General) board.

Along with the general writing inspiration comes character inspiration. For some reason, I like keeping characters separated from everything else. I don't know if that's because I tend to be a character-first writer or because I'm just weird. Either way, I like having a board that is just dedicated for characters. Here is my Someday Characters board.

You can also do boards with certain "feels" to them. I'm writing a Disney fanfiction for my sisters (Well...sorta. It's a bit darker than typical Disney and I'm combining all of the Disney princesses and other Disney stories into one large story. I guess it's a cross between Once Upon a Time and Disney) ANYWAY, I have a board that has a Disney/fairytale feel to it. Here's a link to it.

And last but not least, you can pin quotes from other writers, funny writing jokes, and book quotes to help inspire you to write. I like these because when I hit a writing block, sometimes it helps me more to ready funny jokes and inspiration quotes than to look at a bazillion images. Here is a link to my Writing and Reading board.

Pinterest can be used for very many different reasons. I've found clothes designers, artists, and many other artsy occupations on Pinterest. It truly is a useful tool, and it is a lot of fun too! If you can think of other ways to use Pinterest to help with writing, feel free to share. I'd love to hear more ideas! :)


  1. So many lovely ideas and random facts

  2. Yeah, Pinterest looks like it would be really useful for writing. You pinned some hilarious stuff

    Gloria Newton

  3. I also just recently got into Pinterest. It was interesting but I did not know what to share. I guess I still need to learn the ropes.