Sunday, February 15, 2015

Who Are You?

In my last post, I asked if anyone would be interested in learning more about the Myers-Briggs types as they relate to fictional characters. I'm super happy to say that lots of people said they were interested! I get to openly geek out about one of my more obscure obsessions now. >:)

I'm planning on dedicating one post per Myers-Briggs type. I will post one once a week. I know some of the types much better than others, and I want time to adequately research the types I do not understand as well.

First though, what is the Myers-Briggs test? I considered explaining, but I decided it would be more practical to post a link to a website that has already explained this. Here is a short article concerning the creation of the Myers-Briggs test and the reason for it.

And, in case you were curious, here is a decent test based on the Myers-Briggs test to determine your own personality. I tested this one, and it did give me my type, which is impressive because I am a more obscure type (most online personality tests don't even include all sixteen types. They typically only include some of the more common ones), however, I would still highly recommend paying for the real test.

Link to the free test-

Link to the actual test-

Just a bit of background as to my experience with the Myers-Briggs test... I took the test over a year ago at a college consultation meeting. The counselors said it would help them determine what sort of college I needed to go to. Well, I had already decided on the college I wanted (which was the opposite of what they were suggesting... but it really is no surprise I decided to be contrary, given my type), but I was interested in taking the test. So I took it. I got a ten page sheet dedicated to creepishly describing my personality perfectly, a list of posh little private colleges to disregard, and a mom that was completely cracking up over phrases like "comes across as exceedingly arrogant", "often irrationally stubborn", and "analytic thinkers who have difficulty empathizing with the feelings of others". She seemed relieved to discover that .8% of females are my type, and 3-4% of the U.S. population. I guess she was just glad I wasn't the only weirdo out there. There are about eleven or twelve others! (My type is also known for being sarcastic)

Apparently, INTJ is accurate.

Despite my feigned annoyance, I really am glad that I took the test. It has helped me not only understand why I do what I do, but it has also helped me understand some of my weaknesses and how I can fix them. Admittedly, I've made no effort to fix my sort-of-not-really jokes concerning my awesomeness (aka arrogance), but I have made an effort to try to understand the people in my family better and how to sympathize with their feelings. It has helped me understand my writing strengths and weaknesses. I'm good at creating realistic worlds, cultures, and plots, but I sometimes struggle with characters- especially characters I would have NO sympathy with in real life. Hail Frost came easily to me, he's an INTJ as well, but Flake is extremely difficult. She's an ISFP. ISFP's most common traits- compassion, modesty, and passiveness- are traits that INTJ's not only have difficulty understanding, but also have difficulty respecting. Taking the Myers-Briggs and proceeding to study it has helped me learn to not only write Flake well, but to love her too.

Anyway, that's been my journey with Myers-Briggs thus far. I'm looking forward to writing posts to share more in-depth findings about each type that will hopefully help someone with character development. I do have a couple of questions before I end this post, though.

What would y'all like to learn about each type? I was thinking about sharing a paragraph of description concerning the type, a list of famous fictional characters who I think have that specific type, most likely cliche or trope associated with the type and how to avoid or utilize it, a list of strengths and weaknesses, and maybe the relationship that type would have with other types (e.g. What type would be best for romantic relationships, what type would a type most likely dislike, what type would be the best mentor, etc.) Is there anything else you would like to know? I love researching all of this, so I'm up for anything!

Hope your weekend went well. It looks like we might get snow here, which would usually upset me, but as it falls on the night of my 7:30 a.m. class... *fingers crossed*


  1. Sounds like a good plan there, most helpful.
    I like the idea of listing the cliches; how about ways to turn the cliche around without risking stepping out of character?

    1. Ohh good idea! I'll definitely do that. Thanks for the suggestion! ^_^