Sunday, March 15, 2015

Apologies and Esprit

Hey y'all. I'm really sorry about this, but as I was skipping along my merry way, life ambushed me with a GINORMOUS Spanish test and dialogue, lots and lots of Esprit edits that are befuddling my brain, and, naturally, a computer that decided to barf static all over the screen. :/ (Don't you fret your little selves over my computer. My dad fixed it, but it took a bit soo...) I won't be able to post the Myers-Briggs post today. :( It saddens me, but I REALLY want to do this type justice since it has both Han Solo, one of my favoritest characters in all of screendom in it and (SSHHH! This one is a secret!) Aragorn, one of my favoritest characters in all of literature. Hopefully, I'll post it on Wednesday or Thursday. I'm really sorry.

So! I have decided to share the two songs that I think sum up the two main characters of Esprit de la Rose best! I've been listening to these songs for hours on repeat the past couple of days. Not only do they get me thinking of my characters, but they also inspire me to edit!

Cecilia Lester- Overfly (original by Haruna Luna, English translation by Amanda Lee)

Cecilia is an extremely caring person. This song might initially sound like a romantic one, and perhaps it is, a bit, but I think it is more about love in any form, and the inevitable goodbye that we all must give to our loved ones- be it because of death, or disagreement, or distance. Cecilia faces all three of those, and she still is rubbish at goodbyes, and she knows it. Little phrases like 'it's not the destiny that I dreamed of' and 'how can I ever reach you, if I can't even see the sky?' really bring to mind, not just Cecilia, but all of Esprit to me.

Captain Pepin- No Good Deed (from Wicked)

So first, this song itself takes place in the play right after Elphaba (aka "The Wicked Witch") loses Fiyero, the man she is in love with. At the time, she also has a book with spells in it. She's a bit clueless about magic, so she is trying to find a spell to save him, and doing a rather poor job of it. That part doesn't have anything to do with Esprit, so if you want to get to the parts that remind me of Pepin, skip to 1:00.

I don't want to say much about Pepin, but just listen to the song, 'kay? Especially the part from 2:15 onwards.

Aaand that's all I am capable of blogging at the moment. I have staved off my Spanish test freak-out moment long enough. I hope you enjoy the songs, and I really am sorry about postponing the Myers-Briggs post.


  1. I love the sound track for Wicked!!! I can probably quote every single excited to read your story.

    1. I love Wicked so much! I discovered the soundtrack as I was writing Esprit in the fall. Pepin is basically Fiyero with Elphaba's angst. XD

      Thanks! I can NOT wait to read Wither! ^_^