Monday, June 1, 2015

Ring Around the Rose: Fantasy Worlds

Hello everyone!

It's finally summer. I don't know what that means in your area, but in NC it means the sun is glorious, the pools are open, most schools have finished, and there is finally an aura of freedom and exhilaration spreading throughout your soul instead of a stressful and ohmigosh-will-nine-cups-of-coffee-kill-me-can-I-even-study-with-that-much-caffeine-well-I-can't-study-asleep-here-goes-nothing mindset.

But those aren't the best parts of summer. Wanna know the best part?

The release of Five Enchanted Roses, of course! ;)

In preparation for the release, my fellow authors and I have decided to start a little game of tag to help everyone get to know more about the writers and the worlds of Five Enchanted Roses. Also, I would love to get to know YOU, epic readers, so by all means, feel free to participate! The rules are simple; answer the given question in a post on your own blog, then post the link in the comment section here. There will be a new question posted here at The Pink Cave every Monday for the next few weeks. Easy peasy, right?

Oh, and because we're a clever lot, we have taken to calling this game of tag 'Ring Around the Rose'. And today's question is...

If you could live in any fantasy world, which one would you choose?

This is so difficult! Should I choose the majestic vastness of Middle-Earth, or the stark grandeur of Roshar? The utter quirkiness of Wonderland, or the dark danger of Scadriel? The beautiful Narnia? Odd Aerwiar? Neverland? So many choices!

I thought through it all, and in the end, I'm going to have to choose the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Hear me out on this one: while perhaps there is far less to visit in the Harry Potter universe- the only truly magical locations being Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, and the Ministry of Magic- the fact is, the question said which one would I like to LIVE in, not VISIT. If it were a question of visiting, of taking a tour or whatnot, I would have said Middle-Earth in a heartbeat.

Don't get me wrong, LIVING in Middle-Earth would be epic as well. I might be a Hobbit. I would eat a bunch, have curly hair, and live in a hole, because I totally don't do that already. Or I could be an Elf! I don't think I could really pull of the ethereal regalness though. I think I'd fit in nicely in Rohan.

However, as much as it pains me to admit, I rather love the modern world. I need running water, electricity, and my laptop. And you know what? I'd also want to live an exciting, abnormal life. I don't think I would get that in Middle-Earth.

Very few people are Frodos or Aragorns or Gandalfs. If I were to pick Middle-Earth to live in, odds are I'd find myself a perfectly ordinary person who would stay in one place- Hobbiton, or Edoras, or Mirkwood. I would live an ordinary life. Granted, it would probably be pretty awesome. But I've always wanted more than an ordinary life.

 Living in the Wizarding World would, by definition, make me a wizard! (or a Squib, I suppose, but shhhh, I'm ignoring that...) I would have a wand and I would be magical. True, I would not be different from those around me, but the fact is, I would be different from what I am right now. Isn't that why we read books, in the end? To experience something different, to learn a different theme, to see the world differently? It's why, in Lord of the Rings, we read about the Frodos and the Aragorns of Middle-Earth. We don't read about what Rosie Cotton is doing. It's too similar to what we are now. In Harry Potter, we follow Harry's abnormal adventures, yes, but his school is drastically different from our own simply because Harry's genetics are different. He's magical. I would be like a Muggleborn student- constantly awed by the magic inside and surrounding me, even though it seems commonplace to many other students.

Although, when I think about it, isn't that how we ought to experience our own world?

Tomorrow, Savannah Jezowski, author of Wither, will be sharing which fantasy world she would like to live in. Be sure to check it out on her blog!


  1. Good choice! I thought about Harry Potter...

  2. This one was on my list, too, but middle aged adults seem to have a high mortality rate lol. Wasn't sure how long I would last ;)

    1. LOL I figured I'd probably be unlucky enough to be born just a normal human with no wizard friends or relations, so I wouldn't even know the wizarding realm was out there.
      And if I did get into Hogwarts, I'd most likely spend most of my time hiding under my bed...

    2. LOL, I'd probably end up dead as well. But hey, it would be an awesome week or so! XD

    3. Oh it would be awesome alright! I could totally handle some Transfiguration classes right about now.

  3. haha. I get the thing about modern conveniences.... :)

  4. How fun! :)

    My post's here:

  5. I would love to live there as well. The place is so interesting along with some magic. I could not wait to visit its version in Japan. It will be fun.