Monday, June 8, 2015

Ring Around the Rose: There's Always Another Secret!

'Ello everyone! I am VERY excited about this week's Ring Around the Rose, so let's just jump into it, shall we?

If you could meet your favorite literary character, who would it be?

This question intrigued me because it doesn't exactly ask "who is your favorite literary character?" it asks "if you could meet your favorite literary character, who would it be?". Maybe it's just me, but I see those two questions as being slightly different. There are many literary characters that I absolutely adore, but I would not want to meet many of them for various reasons. I feel like the conversation would be awkward and stilted between me and Frodo (Sooo... do you ever miss the Ring?), I fear I would come across as incredibly insensitive and rude to Jane Eyre (Rochester is a wee bit insane, you know that, don't you?), and I might inadvertently find myself the object of Edmond Dantes' ire after our conversation (Mercedes seriously wasn't worth it, she's such a cow, you're better off without her). 

Soo... all that leads me to pick...

Elend Venture from The Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson!

Elend is one of my favorite characters in all of literature, though relatively unknown. He's a nerdy, adorable, somewhat awkward sweetheart who grows into a rather grim, determined, kingly tyrant who doesn't want to be a tyrant. His character arc is one of the most impressive I have ever read, and possibly THE most impressive arc for a character that is not the protagonist.

Elend loves books to the point of rudeness. When Vin, the heroine, first meets Elend, it is because she accidentally stole his favorite hideout reading nook during a party. Elend has a geeky obsession with political theory, and is even part of a group of boys his own age who meets in secret to discuss theories and books. 

Elend first meets Vin while she is under the guise of Valette, her noble, party-going disguise used to infiltrate and spy on the ruling houses- including Elend's house, Venture. Unlike the other nobles, Elend begins to have his eyes opened to the errors and cruelties of his father, while also falling in love with Valette. What seals the deal in Elend's awesomeness is that even when Valette is revealed to be Vin, the waif Mistborn working to collapse the government that upholds Elend's lifestyle, he comes to her rescue and learns to love her even more. 

In the second book of the Mistborn trilogy, Elend's character arc grows considerably. I don't want to give away spoilers to those considering reading the novel (and you should absolutely consider it!), but I'll simply say that I love how author Brandon Sanderson takes common cliches and turns them on their head. You know the trope where the awkward, nerdy girl undergoes a makeover and suddenly she's really cool? Elend is that character, and he's totally a dude! Except, it is so much more than learning how to properly dress and comb his hair. He suddenly has the responsibility of an entire, fragile kingdom in his hand, and now he is forced to be the politician and leader he always loved reading about, but never truly wanted to be. And deep down, he not only feels like that nerdy, bookish boy, but he wants to go back to being him too. Only he can't. The fate of the world depends upon his leadership.

All in all, I feel like conversation with Elend would be both fascinating and easy. I love books, I love debating, I love being nerdy, I can be silly, I can be serious, and I absolutely adore Vin. We have quite a lot in common! 

So what about you? Which literary character would you like to meet? Tell me in the comments or, better yet, go write a blog post of your own and post the link in the comments! Feel free to use the banner!

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  1. *immediately puts book series on Goodreads to-read list*

    You've really made me curious about this book series, Kaycee! I need to check it out. :)

    1. Yay! It's an incredible book series! Definitely worth the read! ^_^

  2. I am SO excited to read these books! And now more than ever. Thankfully, someone truly awesome recently lent me the entire series, so I am about to get started on those soon! ;)

    1. Tee hee, I REALLY hope you like them! XD His world-building and writing style reminds me so much of you and your world-building and writing style (More so in his fantasy novels than in Steelheart, which feels pretty different from normal Sanderson books). ^_^

    2. That's really funny, considering I haven't actually read any of his "Big" novels, yet. Steelheart and his additions to the Wheel of Time are where I'm at currently. It's especially funny because it reminds me of another time...

      So, when I had first written "The Dragon's Eye" - a friend in college begged me to let him read it (he is an avid fantasy fan) so I did. When he got done he handed it back and said, "This was really good! You've obviously read a lot of Terry Brooks."

      To which I stared at him blankly and said, "Um, who?" Because I hadn't read any Terry Brooks yet (and while I do really like Terry Brooks, I still don't see the similarity).

      Apparently I write like authors I will read in the future.

      Which gives me hope that there is a visit from the Doctor in my future... because the TARDIS is, of course, the ONLY explanation that makes sense here. :)

    3. That is so weird! I've not read any Terry Brooks books yet. Is he another epic fantasy writer? Maybe that's why your friend thought your writing was similar. I think the similarity between your writing and Brandon Sanderson's writing goes a bit deeper than merely being in the same genre though.

      Brandon Sanderson's plots, especially in The Stormlight Archives and Mistborn, are often driven by his world. Not wholly, of course. His characters and plots are incredible in their own right, but for the reader, the twists and turns and gasp-worthy moments are often elicited through a cleverly revealed twist built into the fabric of his world- be it the landscape, magic, history, etc. Little things like suddenly discovering the answer to a piece of his world's lore or finally understanding the workings of his magic system push the plot forward.

      Your novels do the same thing! The plot is often furthered by, not only the actions of the characters, but the world and the discoveries they make about the world. Finding the Cove, learning about the dragons, King Llian's sword, etc., all of it furthered the plot and forced the characters to make more decisions, which in turn, furthered the plot again. That's the main reason I see similarities between you and Sanderson.

      Not to mention, both of you have the uncanny ability of creating a completely and utterly Aragorn-esque character, and yet make him individual, relate-able, likable, and understandable. I'm so jelly of your Brant and his Dalinar. I have NO CLUE how to make an "epic" character. I tried once, but he kinda turned into a dork (yes, Hail, you are a dork).

      And hey, when the TARDIS shows up (because that is ABSOLUTELY the only logical explanation!) please come pick me up! Just for one trip, pretty pretty please! (One trip should give me enough time to barricade myself in library/swimming pool part of the TARDIS...)

  3. Very intriguing, Kaycee! And here's my link. :)

  4. I've had the Mistborn Trilogy in a list to read for a long time. I shall have to get to that soon!

    Here is my character choice!