Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Yorien's Hand

Once upon a time, teensy little baby Kaycee (I was 12) unwrapped a wonderful, magical book for Christmas. It was called King's Warrior and the story was as wonderful and magical as the cover. She was then handed Second Son which was just as wonderful and magical as King's Warrior. Soon after, she met the wonderful, magical, talented, lovely, amazing, and perfect author and the wonder and magic of Aom-Igh only grew.

Y'all, I have grown up with Kamarie, Oraeyn, Yole, Brant (I have had a crush on him but shhh I don't want to make anything awkward), Dylanna, Arnaud, Seamus, and all of the other incredible characters of Aom-Igh. And Aom-Igh! It's everything you would expect in a classical fantasy world, and yet, it is impossible to "expect" anything in this vibrant and fascinating story.

I'm 18 now. I have been waiting for this day for a very. long. time. and I am SO DARN EXCITED I CAN'T EVEN USE PROPER PUNCTUATION!

So. Without anymore of my rambling...

Yorien's Hand by Jenelle Schmidt

The years of Oraeyn’s short rule have been peaceful, but now ominous nightmares plague his sleep and cling to him during his waking hours. When two of his most trusted advisors disappear without a trace and not even the power of dragons can locate them, the fell promise of the king’s nightmares becomes reality.

From the furthest reaches of the world, an ancient enemy stirs. Stretching beyond his crumbling prison walls, this foe seeks to bring life to the darkest of shadows. His army marches towards Aom-igh with deadly intent, threatening all Oraeyn holds dear.

Aided by dragons, and with the warrior Brant and Princess Kamarie at his side, Oraeyn must journey into the wilds of a forgotten realm. Trusting in the wisdom and skill of the enigmatic minstrel, Kiernan Kane, the companions race against time in search of Yorien’s Hand, a relic that may hold the power to save them all.
The Author

Jenelle Schmidt grew up in the northern-midwest. She now resides with her husband and their three adorable children in North Carolina where the summers are too hot and there is never enough snow. Jenelle fell in love with reading at a young age during family storytimes. To this day she enjoys creating exciting adventure tales filled with poignant themes and compelling characters in the fantasy and sci-fi genres.

Check out her website HERE.

And now... a SNIPPET!

Finally, only Oraeyn, Brant, and Kiernan remained in the room. Brant laid a reassuring hand on Oraeyn’s shoulder and then turned to the story-teller.

“That was quite the tale, minstrel. I suppose you’ll be staying behind, or perhaps disappearing... again?”

A smile played across the minstrel’s face. “Oh, no, I think I shall be coming along on this adventure,” he replied. “I believe I will be able to offer some help, to you, Sir Brant, in particular.”

Brant grimaced and glowered. But Kiernan continued, turning his attention to Oraeyn. “Sire, please do be sure to pack plenty of food for the journey, for I shall sorely miss the palace kitchen while we are away, but such is the lot of heroes, and it is unbecoming to complain.”


I am so excited. I am so excited! I am so EXCITED!

Kiernan is the best. I'm not quite sure why he's the best yet, but I can't wait to find out!

If you haven't read King's Warrior or Second Son yet, go NOW and check them out HERE and HERE respectively. It will make your life better. Go. Now.

Thank you so much Jenelle for letting me be a part of this cover reveal! (the cover is GORGEOUS!) I can NOT wait to read Yorien's Hand, which I already know from obsessively reading the snippets over and over and over again will be wonderful and magical and perfect!

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  1. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS BOOK!!! Also, I have a crush on Brant you're not alone.