Friday, October 16, 2015


Hi everyone! I'm procrastinating taking a quick break from studying for midterms (blech) to write this blog post!


I have been here for more than two months now. Even though my home is twenty minutes away, I chose to live on campus. It is the best decision I have made in a very long time. Life is so great here. I love it.

I'm double majoring in English-Creative Writing and Anthropology-Archaeology. I'm planning to use those degrees to be an archaeologist, write novels and screenplays on the side, write for science journals, and maybe even be a museum curator someday! Fun stuff. My original plan was to major in English-Creative Writing and minor or major in Business or Communications so that I could be a web marketer. But then I came to the sudden realization that the thought of driving myself to a business office in nice clothes to sit in front of a computer screen and NOT be writing a novel was utterly and completely repulsive to me. Blech. Sooo... I have always been fascinated by archaeology. I adore science, but I dislike math. I love that archaeology includes both field and lab work. I love the traveling aspect of archaeology. I love that archaeology is both unpredictable and methodical. I just love it. My archaeology class this semester has been one of the best classes I have ever taken. All that to say, I am incredibly excited about this.

I just finished reading Brandon Sanderson's Shadows of Self. It is AMAZING! I will say, it is totally okay to read The Alloy of Law before reading the Mistborn trilogy, but you definitely need to have read The Mistborn Trilogy to understand a lot of the aspects of Shadows of Self. And you should either read The Stormlight Archives before or directly after Shadows of Self. And... it might be good to read Warbreaker and Elantris as well. The Cosmere is finally coming together!!! *fangirl squeal*

Okay, I'm done fangirling. Back to the semi-intelligible blog post...

As soon as I finish this blog post, I'm going to begin reading Wuthering Heights. I hear there's a lot of controversy surrounding whether this book is a romance or not, and something about a chap named Heathcliff, and then discussions on whether it counts as a feminist book like Jane Eyre. Well, I completely and utterly ADORE Jane Eyre, I love debates and controversy, and I don't like romances, but the fact that the 'romance' of this book is debated already proves that it uses a different plot from the billions of identical and boring novels that plague many a shelf of Barnes and Noble. I hope I like it.

Hail Frost is coming along depressingly slowly. But I do find time to work on it occasionally.

I considered working on it during NaNoWriMo, but Hail Frost needs more focused writing than the frenzied nonsense that happens during NaNo. Said frenzied nonsense is excellent for rough drafts, but is hardly appropriate for a third draft.

However, I am doing NaNoWriMo.

And I really didn't want to.

I really did not want to write this novel. Whenever the characters tried to perk up and speak, I would just snap, "No, go to your room!" and dash over to my favorite babies of Hail and Ember. Whenever the setting tried to creep into my mind, I would grab the nearest textbook (my geology textbook, more often than not) and try to drown out the creativity with endless lists of mafic plutonic igneous rocks. Whenever the plot started intriguing me, I would try to refute it by listing all of the reasons writing this story would be an incredibly stupid idea.

And yet...

Sigh. Here, just.... have a synopsis. Ugh. Stupid, stubborn, brilliant little story.


Skull White: Three fairy tale retellings set upon the treacherous seas

An enslaved pirate plots revenge against the sirens of the sea. A headstrong know-it-all tears the oceans apart to save her family. And at the midst of it all, a little mermaid searches for her past.

Skull White

David has plotted revenge against the Fee for his entire childhood. Upon his 21st birthday, he is finally given the chance to destroy the one who destroyed his future. His mission seems simple: lure a notorious pirate into a trap by kidnapping his daughters, steal an enchanted mirror, and then kill the Black Fee. But when David meets the sickly yet serene Chastity, he is thrust into a mystery and magic that treads far deeper than his past. Perhaps revenge is not what he has spent his life waiting for.

Blood Red

Growing up the daughter of a prostitute, sister of a witch, and friend of the cursed, Ginger learned early not to care too deeply. But when her family disappears, she forces her way into the netherworld of the Fee to save them with only the mysterious pirate Lupe as a guide. Will she prevail against the supernatural forces that want her dead? Or will the bloodlust of the Fee swallow her whole?

Sea Black

The White Fee is different. She has no feeling, no purpose, and no memories. She is ostracized by the others, left to wander the ocean alone. But when she rescues a skeletal captain from death, the Fee suddenly take a far more acute interest in her, attempting to quell the sudden coursing of emotion, ambition, and hope in the heart of White. For under the sea, grace can never be a part of the world.

...I'm actually really excited, even if I am still grumpy about it.

Why am I grumpy? Well, I really did NOT want to revisit the Esprit world again. That story is done, wrapped up, over and I didn't want to touch it anymore. Not out of lack of love, mind you, just because I wanted to move on. And yet... though it might have been over for Pepin and Cecilia and maybe even me, there were so many other characters that apparently had stories to be told. David, Ginger, Chastity, Lupe, and even the Black Fee are a great lot, and I can't wait to write their stories.

Oh, and Pepin and Cecilia? I KNOW Pepin makes an appearance, because duh, but I'm not sure if Cecilia will show up or not. I guess we'll see.

Can you guess what the three fairy tales are going to be? :)

Anyway... if anyone else is participating in NaNoWriMo, I would LOVE to do it with you. I'm on the adult site (because apparently I outgrew the YOUNG writers program... when the heck did that happen???) and my username is KayceeB (yep... I'm that boring). Add me as a buddy and I'll add you back!

Happy Writing!


  1. That's a really nice story idea, actually. I feel as if we are being drowned in fairy tail re-tellings, but I don't mind it when the re-tellings are told with a sea faring flair. (steampunk, scottish, space, and ethnic re-tellings are also acceptable.)

    As for Wuthering Heights: I read it a while back, but I didn't become fond of it. I found only one character likable- the housekeeper lady. Ah well. I hope you enjoy it, regardless of what I think.

    1. Thanks! These retellings are only very loosely based on fairy tales, perhaps even more loosely than Esprit was. Beauty and the Beast has a lot of themes that I absolutely love, Snow White... not so much, so it is going to be rather different. Speaking of different, have you read Rosara and the Jungle King? You mentioned that you liked ethnic retellings and it is probably the most different and most exotic Beauty and the Beast that I have ever read!

      I'm only 44 pages into Wuthering Heights. So far, I have found the writing and setting to be absolutely gorgeous, Heathcliff, Hareton, and Catherine are incredibly well-written characters, and the first-person narrative to be handled very well, even if Mr. Lockwood is, for some reason, rather annoying to me. I just met Mrs. Dean, the housekeeper, and I like her very much. Hopefully, she takes on a larger role that simply the 'exposition explanation'. :D

    2. I have not yet read Rosara and the Jungle King yet. I plan to get my hands on the whole Five Enchanted Roses collection some day, though. (I'm not entirely set against re-tellings.)

      Ah, Mrs. Dean. A literary gem. The best quote in the whole book (in my opinion) comes from her.

      By the way, I didn't congratulate you on your studies in Anthropology-Archaeology! I love that sort of thing, don't know how I forgot! I wouldn't mind hearing about it when you find something interesting in your textbooks or lectures.

    3. Mrs. Dean says the best quote? Now you have me truly intrigued! I can't wait to read more!

      Thank you so much! I was considering doing a more personal blog post soon... I really would love to get to know all of the awesome people who read my little blog, so I wanted to maybe be "myself" a bit more and blog about stuff that is not necessarily book related. Do you think that would be a good idea? I could talk about Archaeology a bit more!

    4. Well it's all up to you, really.
      I'm sure it would be interesting, though! I was considering the Anthropology route at one point, and Archaeology is so exciting- even without the Indiana Jones embellishments.

  2. Eeeep! I am super jealous of your archaeology minor. I think archaeology would be awesome.... of course, when I think archaeology, I think Dr. Grant from Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones... and I think perhaps my view of archaeologists is just a little bit skewed... and I've moved beyond the desire to travel outside the US much... but... there's a part of my heart that still thinks it could be awesome.

    Your stories sound fantastic! I cannot wait to read ALL of them! I feel like perhaps I can see glimmerings of The Little Mermaid in Sea Black... but the other two, I'm not sure. I'm guessing there are threads of Snow White in all of these, but that's because I have insider information... ;) hahaha

    So fun to see you yesterday! The girls are very excited about Skyping with you and Leiana is busily working on ideas for her "Missing Unicorn" story to email you! :) We love Miss Kaycee very much!

    1. Haha, during our first archaeology class, the professor emphasized that archaeologists are NOT like Dr. Grant, Indiana Jones, and River Song (Yes, he mentioned RIVER SONG, and I instantly decided that he would be my favorite professor). He went on to talk about how it's mostly just digging and rocks with little reward... and yet... a piece of my heart does not find that discouraging at all, but it is so very real and interesting. I've always wanted to travel, and I've wanted to travel to not just the well-traveled places, but the little forgotten nooks of the world that might not seem interesting. That's reality, and in a way, it's almost fantastical. (Can you tell I'm excited??? I start waxing eloquence just thinking about it! XD)

      Snow White is the overall story of the entire novel, though it is most obvious in Skull White. Sea Black is indeed based on The Little Mermaid. Blood Red is based on a fairy tale that is both famous in its own right, and has very loose ties to Snow White. And there's also a fourth fairy tale that takes precedence in the first one. I didn't give any hints as to what it might be in the synopsis, but it is based on one of your favorite fairy tales. :)

      I had such a great time yesterday! I'm so glad I get to continue the "Breezy" story with them. I always looked forward to doing that when I would come babysit. Please tell Leiana that I can't wait to read her story! Y'all are the best and I am going to miss you so very much, but Wisconsin is going to be wonderful! You'll have to be sure to blog about all of your adventures once you get settled! ^_^

  3. Hey, cool! Archaeology is so neat. I remember brushing rocks off with a paintbrush when I was little, pretending to find fossils. Yep, frenzied craziness describes NaNo, perfectly. But I can't wait for it!

    Gloria N.

    1. Haha, I pretended to be archaeologists when I was little too! ^_^

      NaNo is going to be EPIC! I am so excited!

  4. Hey Kaycee! Love your blog and I'm also hoping to do NaNoWriMo as well. I tried to add you, but couldn't find you on the site. I'm on there as RebekaB if you want to add me. ^^ Your story sounds so amazing--and how do you come up with such wonderful titles?

    1. Thank you so much!

      I just searched for you on NaNo and I couldn't find you. :( There's a novel search option on the site too. What is the title of your novel? Maybe I can search for it and find you.

      And thank you so much! Honestly, the story came FROM the title. I was jokingly saying to my sister that if I ever wrote a sequel to Esprit, I would make it a Snow White retelling and then call it 'Skull White'. And then... the story wouldn't stop bugging me. :P

    2. You're welcome!

      Ahh, technology is working against us! :P My novel/novella (not entirely sure which it's going to end up being) is entitled "A Tithe of Thorns". Here's the link to my profile, if that helps at all: And ooohhhh, that's awesome, how stories haunt us like that. ;)

  5. I feel a sudden Archaeology is fascinating. I was going to take an Introduction to Archaeology this semester but my transcripts got lost so I have to postpone until January. Until then I hope to find more information on a dig near my hometown. They are accepting volunteers.

    Your novel idea sounds good! I tried to add you on the NaNoWriMo site but something went wrong. If you would be interested in budding with me here is the link for my page.

    1. Volunteering at a dig? That sounds incredibly awesome! You should totally do it!

      Thanks! I love the title of your NaNo novel- 'Peril with the Pirates' sounds so intriguing. I just added you as a buddy! :D