Tuesday, October 27, 2015

NaNo Update 1: Of Outlines, Pinterest, and Wuthering Heights

Hello everyone!

It appears college has decided that I do not deserve the right to write professional and intelligent blog posts to trick people into thinking I have my life together. So alas, I must  resort to either abandoning this little blog throughout the course of the semester, or allow myself to let my true disorganized, distracted, and discombobulated personality be displayed for all to see. I chose the latter. You're welcome (or should I apologize in this instance? Idk).

Anywayy, this means that I will try to blog consistently (I'm hoping for twice a week, but it'll probably end up just being once a week) and it will be a whole lot of random. Hopefully, you find it interesting and get to know me a bit better. If not... sorry, I guess *shrugs*.

Kaycee Tidbit #1- Kaycee is not good at apologizing.


The obvious first thingamajig to discuss is NaNoWriMo! I am so pumped. Like, it's starting to be a problem. Like, instead of trying to find out the amount of daughter isotopes in Carbon 14 after 6,000 years, I'm obsessively writing the names of characters all over my notes and trying to decide what their middle names should be. (BTW, Carbon 14 is roughly 50% parent isotope and 50% daughter isotope after 6,000 years, and, to Pepin's immense amusement, Cecilia's middle name is 'Rahab'. Just thought you should know.)

I have also made a Pinterest board for Skull White. Enjoy!

My outline for Skull White is very different from the outline I made for any of my other writing. Ember Flame had no outline, Hail Frost originally had no outline but now has a very intensive one, Esprit de la Rose started with a brief outline, then gained a more in-depth one after I wrote the rough ROUGH draft of it. Skull White? There's not so much an outline as there is a basic premise and scenes that need to happen. I know the order in which the scenes go, but the connections are a bit blurry. So... I guess I do have an outline? I have no idea. I'm just going to have fun with it, honestly.


Currently, I am reading Wuthering Heights. I. LOVE. It! It is so passionate, so well-written, so thought-provoking, and so intense that I have great difficulty setting it aside to attend class. I think Gone With The Wind started my obsession with books with main characters that you don't have to like to love. No, I don't like Scarlett O'Hara or Heathcliff, but every time they appear on the scene I grin, settle down, and prepare for something to happen. I often find the actions of Rhett Butler and Catherine rather despicable, and yet, I still anticipate every scene in which they appear, and I still feel an odd sadness when the inevitable tragedy hits them. It takes an insanely amazing writing talent to create such characters, and Emily Bronte officially has me in awe of her.

Kaycee Tidbit #2- She might have a teensy weensy crush on Heathcliff just because he reminds her of Snape. Which... is probably not a good thing. But she doesn't care.

Obsessions This Week

I am currently obsessed with...

This quote.

Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte

This article.

Why Dumbledore Went To The Hilltop

This poem.

This song.

This makeup.

Zelda Fitzgerald, 1920s

This TV show.

Aaaand this video. You're welcome (or should I apologize?).

Have a great rest of week! ^_^ I can't wait until November!


  1. Should I thank you, or accept you apologies? Both, maybe?
    Why thank you! It's okay, don't worry about it.
    Now- what part are you at in Wuthering Heights?
    Skull White looks interesting, like a mix of innocent and dangerous.

    1. Haha. You're welcome! And I'm so glad you forgive me. :P

      I'm almost done with Wuthering Heights. I just past the part where Cathy was forced to marry Linton. :(

      Thanks! That's actually the feel I'm aiming for! ^_^