Friday, November 13, 2015

NaNo Update 2: So Many Sighs

5,382. That is all I have written this month.

Well, that's not entirely true. I've written over 3,000 words in various college assignments. But still. 5,382.


I'm trying not to beat myself up over it. My main focus is college right now, and I try to keep that in mind. However, it is still very frustrating. Ya see, in the long run, Skull White is going to require so much more meaningful research than a 300 word essay analysis on some modern philosophy article. It's going to push my writing abilities so much more than a paper arguing that poetry combined with creative writing can be more powerful than poetry alone (though, admittedly, that was a fun essay to write). The research it requires is so much more interesting than reading page upon page on the various ways ice caps effect the climate.

But hey, I'm having fun writing it. And this weekend, my roommate and I are staying at my house, so I'll have plenty of time to write then. Hopefully. I should actually work on a paper and a project that are both due on the 17th but shhhh, I'm not going to think about that right now.

So. Would y'all like a short excerpt from Skull White? Keep in mind that it's a rough draft, I'm tired, it needs editing, blah blah blah, insert all the usual excuses.


David hated his earliest memory.

As a child, he had curiously asked the kinder people surrounding him what their earliest memory was and did they like it? Some pursed their lips thoughtfully, trying to dredge up some profound recollection with which to bless his listening ears. Others smiled nostalgically before launching into some rambling drama of dancing with their mothers in the drawing room or learning how to tie a knot with their father or licking a sugar cane while on a walk with their nursemaid. Pathetically naive, wholly dull, and so utterly meaningless.

If only he could have been so lucky.


David's such a grouch. XD Tbh, it's been so much fun writing in the Esprit world, but through the lens of David. It completely changes the feel of the world. Esprit was told mostly in Cecilia's POV, which is admittedly distorted because she tries so hard to see the good in everything and everyone, always making the best of a situation. The parts told in Pepin's POV were similarly distorted, but because he was in a constant state of denial. He tried to think of everything through the lens of ironic levity. 

David has a much darker mind and a much darker worldview. The feel of Skull White is a lot darker than Esprit, and it's mostly because of David's grim outlook. 

I love it so much. David is an ISTJ which is definitely more in my comfort zone that Pepin's ESFPness or Cecilia's INFPness. I definitely prefer writing TJs over FPs.

Well, enough about Skull White. Here's some fun stuff!

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So how are y'all doing? ^_^

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Meet the Skull White Crew

This is just a quick post to introduce you all to the main actors in my new little pirate adventure. There's not going to be much description, just a picture, a name, and maybe a brief sentence. I might also say what role he/she would be in the original fairy tale version of the story, as long as it is not a spoiler.


The hero of the novel. He's haunted by his past (quite literally, actually) and copes by putting all of his energy into his plot for revenge. He takes the place of the Prince character from Snow White and the Prince character from The Little Mermaid.

Ginger Hood

Sassy know-it-all, jaded piratess (her word, not mine), and basically the embodiment of perfection (again, her word, not mine... though I do think she's pretty great). She is Red from Red Riding Hood and Rose Red from Snow White and Rose Red.

Chastity Jones

She's Snow White. Except, you know, she's slowly and painfully sacrificing herself to protect her mother from certain death at the hands of both her father and the Fee. No biggie. She's really weird, but David likes her. ;)


An overly dramatic and amorous pirate, Lupe doesn't share his real name, doesn't talk about his past, and seems to have his own mission altogether... Lupe is the Wolf character from Red Riding Hood.

Philip Jacobson aka "Surgeon"

Esprit Pepin dubbed him Surgeon and Surgeon he has stayed. Most people don't bother to recall that his real name is Philip, and most people don't bother to find out why he is so obsessed with killing Fee... He is one of the Seven Dwarf characters, and I'll let you guess which Disney dwarf he's based on.

Pepin-Rene Marc Daviau

Professional dirtbag. He is the King from Twelve Dancing Princesses.

The Silver Fee

Yep, she's back and is a main character. She DOES take the place of a fairy tale character, but it's a spoiler. So... yeah, I'm sure you are all just ecstatic that she's back. I actually like her though. (GASP)

And finally... The Dark Fee

Girlish, vindictive, cruel, and condemning, she always leaves her victims feeling thoroughly creeped out and mildly disturbed. When she leaves them alive and/or human anyway. She takes the place of the Evil Queen from Snow White and Ursula from the Disney version of The Little Mermaid.

So there you go! I'll probably do more in-depth character posts whenever I find the time to do so. For now, I just hope you found it fairly interesting. I'm so excited about this novel!

So. How is NaNo going for you peeps? Or, if you're not doing NaNo, how is your writing? :D